Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Get Over Anxiety And Stop Panic Attacks!

Are you have the signs and symptoms of anxiety such as anxious, nervous, stressed or depressed ,whenever you make a new friends, go with some works that totally new, asking for help from others in public.Would you ever mess everything up because you get anxious? that was me for a very long time.

Panic Attacks Closing Words
There are lots of people have the same trouble in our daily life including me suffering from anxiety disorders. As the picture "Panic Attacks Closing Words" show the circle "anxiety-panic-depression-more anxiety-more panic-more depression-anxiety" and go on, so what is the end of anxiety?

If you are worrying about anxiety, maybe you will ask like that"what causes anxiety?" in your mind, and then ask for some help from the internet by making a searching with phrase "How to get over anxiety","How to Stop Panic Attacks" in google or yahoo.I really did like this everyday when I was suffering from anxiety disorders,until I decided to look at the anxiety rationally.

This blog will go on with the most popular topics on " Stop Panic Attacks"," Overcoming Anxiety"," Get over anxiety", I will share my experience dealing with anxiety, helpful tips, advice and suggestion from doctors and friends  also suffered from anxiety and panic attacks.

 Any comments are welcome,just Sharing your own Story and Tips on "How to Get Over anxiety",Hope this blog is the The final destination to" Stop Panic Attacks and Overcoming Anxiety " and really make some help for you to get over anxiety and stop panic attacks naturally.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Helpful tips for Get Over Anxiety and Stop Panic attacks

Panic attacks happen stridently without provocation.Can you get over anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks? 
Yes,Is it possible to get over your anxiety. I suffered from anxiety disorders for a long time before, during that period, I searched on the internet and found lots of materials about how to Stop Panic Attacks, but many tips for getting over anxiety are no use for me, Some self-help tips for Get over anxiety which really works on me are given as following:
Take Action Now to Get Over Anxiety
  • Deal with "negative self-talk" to take control of your worry. if possible chose a special place and time for you to just deal with your worrying. Spend half an hour just thinking what you are worrying about, not focus on what would happen and see more on what's really happening. 
  • Practice relaxation techniques. Enjoy some relaxation techniques such as mindfulness meditation, progressive muscle relaxation and deep breathing, when you practiced these relaxation technique regularly, you will find that the anxiety symptoms is reduced and  the feelings of relaxation and emotional well-being is increased.
  • Exercise regularly.Many people who suffered from anxiety disorders often quit exercising, but exercise is a really natural stress buster and anxiety reliever.if you go on with  aerobic exercise half an hour everyday,you can achieved the maximum benefit to get over anxiety.
  • Get enough sleep.  if you are lack of sleep,you will get more anxious thoughts and feelings, so get more than seven hours of quality sleep a night at least.
  • Reduce alcohol and No drug abuse. It may seem that alcohol or drugs will relax you immediately, but they will lead to more anxiety, not less in long-term.
  • To form healthy eating habits. if you work too long without eating that will lead to low blood sugar, which can make you feel more anxious.so form healthy eating habits to eat at the right time regularly. 
The self-help tips for get over anxiety is more than these, but remember that ever help tips works base on you and the most important is to "take action now".  Here I just help you Get Over Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks as soon as possible. have good days:)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Get Over anxiety And Stop Panic Attacks:Challenge Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts is most key factor which cause anxiety!---Stop Negative thoughts!

"Negative self-talk" is the key cause of anxiety, if you control your thoughts insufficient, your anxiety will be strengthened,while negative thoughts get more powerful, you will get more deep anxiety too. so if we want to  learn get over anxiety and stop panic attacks naturally,the first things we should do is to try controlling of our Negative thoughts.
Get Over Anxiety By Control your Negative thoughts

What lead your the Negative thoughts?---Step 1:Just Write down What your worries!
Are we produced thoughts, yes, we did, so we can control them too. If we aware this truth in our mind, we can start the few steps to reduce our Negative thoughts. The tips useful for me to control negative thoughts is  write down what I just worries. Sounds simple,so you can do it too,if you worry about something ,just write down with a a pad or pencil, if you have a laptop, smartphone, or tablet just type in the notes. during the period that you experience anxiety, write out what your worries.writing is harder than just simply thinking ,if you deal with your negative thoughts in this way,the negative thoughts are likely to disappear sooner.

 How to stop Negative thoughts? ---Step 2:Creat an anxiety worry period each day
Creat “worry periods” with ten or twenty minutes each day, during your worry period, Concentrate on  the Obsessive thoughts, anxious thoughts without any trying to change them. By this thing , you are free of anxiety in the rest time of the day, When any anxious thoughts come into your head during the day, just follow the step one write them down and “postpone” them to the "worry period".

Are you nervous for uncertainty?---Step3:Just Accept uncertainty in Mind and No more anxiety!
sometime we worrying about all the things that could go wrong, but this do not make life any more predictable,Unfortunately, it make an effect on the contrary prevent us enjoying the good things happening in the present time. if you suffer from this kind of anxiety disorders,why not learn to accept uncertainty. if you do this you will relax yourself and feel well-being immediately.because the alarm system in your body will know it need not be anxious anymore!

Above three tips help me to get over and stop my anxiety, I hope these tips will works on you too!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

How to Deal With Anxiety

Dealing With Anxiety, Learn How to deal with anxiety and stop anxiety with this 100% natural method
Everyone has the feelings of anxiety, nervousness, tension, and stress in our daily-life, Actually,anxiety can be good for us in certain cases that make us sharp in mind and do something efficient.

But some people who suffered from types of anxiety disorder,such as long-term anxiety, inappropriate anxiety, debilitating anxiety, and other Severe anxiety can be a health trouble.
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Anyway we should realize that anxiety can be managed easily and the most important is that you shuld learn how to deal with Anxiety properly.

How to Deal with Anxiety Video By The Linden Method

 Some Tips on how to deal with Anxiety are given as following:
  • Dealing With Anxiety and Becoming a relaxation expert---People who have anxiety disorders would need some relaxation techniques. and the deep breathing, tai chi, or yoga which are really working on us.
  • Dealing With Anxiety with enough sleep, nourishment, and exercise.--- Get amount of sleep for your needs;Eat well,if possible you can find some Anti Anxiety Foods like Peaches, Acacia berries,Blueberries and so on;Exercise regularly,if you go on with aerobic exercise half an hour everyday,you can achieved the maximum benefit to get over anxiety
  • Dealing With Anxiety to participate in group activities and Enjoy the nature---Choose somewhere and participate in group activities which you feel safe so you can relax. 
  • Dealing With Anxiety By Stopping Negative thoughts and Thinking positive---Stop negative thoughts is the key to keep our minds off the worry circle.if you feel anxiety ,just change our mind to think things are good, beautiful, and positive.

Get Over Anxiety And Stop Panic Attacks