Saturday, March 24, 2012

Helpful tips for Get Over Anxiety and Stop Panic attacks

Panic attacks happen stridently without provocation.Can you get over anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks? 
Yes,Is it possible to get over your anxiety. I suffered from anxiety disorders for a long time before, during that period, I searched on the internet and found lots of materials about how to Stop Panic Attacks, but many tips for getting over anxiety are no use for me, Some self-help tips for Get over anxiety which really works on me are given as following:
Take Action Now to Get Over Anxiety
  • Deal with "negative self-talk" to take control of your worry. if possible chose a special place and time for you to just deal with your worrying. Spend half an hour just thinking what you are worrying about, not focus on what would happen and see more on what's really happening. 
  • Practice relaxation techniques. Enjoy some relaxation techniques such as mindfulness meditation, progressive muscle relaxation and deep breathing, when you practiced these relaxation technique regularly, you will find that the anxiety symptoms is reduced and  the feelings of relaxation and emotional well-being is increased.
  • Exercise regularly.Many people who suffered from anxiety disorders often quit exercising, but exercise is a really natural stress buster and anxiety reliever.if you go on with  aerobic exercise half an hour everyday,you can achieved the maximum benefit to get over anxiety.
  • Get enough sleep.  if you are lack of sleep,you will get more anxious thoughts and feelings, so get more than seven hours of quality sleep a night at least.
  • Reduce alcohol and No drug abuse. It may seem that alcohol or drugs will relax you immediately, but they will lead to more anxiety, not less in long-term.
  • To form healthy eating habits. if you work too long without eating that will lead to low blood sugar, which can make you feel more form healthy eating habits to eat at the right time regularly. 
The self-help tips for get over anxiety is more than these, but remember that ever help tips works base on you and the most important is to "take action now".  Here I just help you Get Over Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks as soon as possible. have good days:)


Sarah said...

Tips to overcome social anxiety?
I have an important night girlfriend is getting bored with me because when we're together I can never figure out what to talk about because I put so much pressure on myself to come up with things to say so I just don't say anything to save myself the embarrassment. If tonight doesn't go well I feel I may lose her and I don't want that to happen. My brother told me to "stop looking for your soul mate and start enjoying whatever situation presents itself" and I know that's completely true but I just don't know how to not over think everything and be completely in my head. I need some helpful tips..

NHRE said...

Someone once gave me some great advice that has helped me tremedously both personally (socially) and professionally (networking). My friend told me that a networking survey revealed that the attendees at a certain event reported that the nicest person in the whole room was the one whom listened to everyone. When you are with your girlfriend, or socializing with anyone, ask questions about them. The networking survey revealed that people really enjoy talking about themselves to a point where they will actually consider you the nicest person in the room when all you did was listen. When others are answering your questions, you will find ways to relate and chime in based on that. Or tell them your opinion of what they are saying. Be your own person though- don't just agree with everything they are saying. Instead show them that you have your own point of views as well. Truly listen to their answers and their perceptions and respond by relating to them or differing with them. Then ask another question that is closely related...Great conversation will naturally escalate from there. If you run out of things to say...its simple- just think of another question to ask. :)

Aunt Mary said...

When you see her just have some thing pland to say like if she likes Xfactor say who do you want to win? Kind of scrip it but don't worry if she dumps you it means that your not right for her just keep calm good luck :-)

Get Over Anxiety And Stop Panic Attacks