Friday, March 23, 2012

Get Over anxiety And Stop Panic Attacks:Challenge Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts is most key factor which cause anxiety!---Stop Negative thoughts!

"Negative self-talk" is the key cause of anxiety, if you control your thoughts insufficient, your anxiety will be strengthened,while negative thoughts get more powerful, you will get more deep anxiety too. so if we want to  learn get over anxiety and stop panic attacks naturally,the first things we should do is to try controlling of our Negative thoughts.
Get Over Anxiety By Control your Negative thoughts

What lead your the Negative thoughts?---Step 1:Just Write down What your worries!
Are we produced thoughts, yes, we did, so we can control them too. If we aware this truth in our mind, we can start the few steps to reduce our Negative thoughts. The tips useful for me to control negative thoughts is  write down what I just worries. Sounds simple,so you can do it too,if you worry about something ,just write down with a a pad or pencil, if you have a laptop, smartphone, or tablet just type in the notes. during the period that you experience anxiety, write out what your worries.writing is harder than just simply thinking ,if you deal with your negative thoughts in this way,the negative thoughts are likely to disappear sooner.

 How to stop Negative thoughts? ---Step 2:Creat an anxiety worry period each day
Creat “worry periods” with ten or twenty minutes each day, during your worry period, Concentrate on  the Obsessive thoughts, anxious thoughts without any trying to change them. By this thing , you are free of anxiety in the rest time of the day, When any anxious thoughts come into your head during the day, just follow the step one write them down and “postpone” them to the "worry period".

Are you nervous for uncertainty?---Step3:Just Accept uncertainty in Mind and No more anxiety!
sometime we worrying about all the things that could go wrong, but this do not make life any more predictable,Unfortunately, it make an effect on the contrary prevent us enjoying the good things happening in the present time. if you suffer from this kind of anxiety disorders,why not learn to accept uncertainty. if you do this you will relax yourself and feel well-being immediately.because the alarm system in your body will know it need not be anxious anymore!

Above three tips help me to get over and stop my anxiety, I hope these tips will works on you too!


qwertyuiop said...

Are these normal thoughts stemming from a lack of confidence, depression, and anxiety?
I just want to know if I am alone in this or not. I know many people don't like getting older, but I feel outright ashamed of being so unaccomplished at my age. I feel like I am just too old and too stupid to do anything well. I am working on trying to better myself through higher education but it is taking forever. I have two quarters left, but I have not been able to enjoy my journey. I am so sick of people saying, "You're still in school?" It has only been 4 years since I started full time (I am a non traditional student), but I don't feel like explaining this to people every time they comment, mostly in fear of highlighting my insecurity with defensiveness. On top of the age/time thing I feel extremely challenged by my courses. I expected it to come easier at this point, but I feel that I get more and more incompetent. Community college was so easy because I was the only person who cared to impress my instructors and I fit right in age wise. At university everybody else is smarter, more motivated, and so much younger than me. I feel like an ugly old loser who is too slow in the mind and flawed in personality to get much out of this education. I feel sorry for myself because my grades are decent (3.6 gpa) and I try hard to perform well and I DO love learning and my area of studies... I just hate competing with people who are clearly better at it.
I see a shrink for my anxiety, but I don't feel like I can ever vent my feelings of inferiority and hopelessness to anyone because it sounds like a stupid pity party and I know I will be chastised for maladaptive negative thinking patterns. I feel even more guilty for feeling this way and not "taking control" of my feelings. I should be grateful for the opportunity to study now, be happy for others who do well, be used to the idea that I'm far from perfect regardless of age, yadda yadda... but I can't shake it. Thoughts?

Eve said...

I feel if you are seeing a therapist for your anxiety you should also try to tell her/him how you are feeling in regards to your school. A GOOD therapist will tell you that you are not throwing yourself a 'pity party' and will be able to work through the feeling of insecurity with you.
As for having difficulty in classes, it is only natural since as you age that it becomes more difficult to form new neural connections, so therefore it cam be more challenging. I give you loads of praise for doing so well as you have! That's an accomplishment in and of itself! Also, you cannot compare yourself to other people, especially those who are not doing anything other than going to school full time when I am sure you have a family you are taking care of!
Also, I do not believe that you are depressed, maybe a little sad but not depressed, since you do indicate that you enjoy learning and you seem motivated to do well, which would not at all be the case with depression.

In any case I very strongly encourage you to talk to your clinician about this as they should be of great help, anyways you are paying them to help you :)

Also, good luck and keep up the good work!

forgiveness said...

What are people's experiences when they have challenged their negative beliefs?
I'll give some background info on my situation... basically I am 21 and since I was at least 12 years old I began having crippling, paranoid beliefs about life, what others may be thinking of me (in my mind they are real), I can't talk to them they looked at me weird they think I'm a loser kind of thing. I suffered depression until I was 15 thanks to severe acne and the abuse from kids at school and my so called friends, and being to scared to join another group because I believed everyone will think I'm a loser and what not blah blah

I do not have depression now and have improved slightly but I feel I have plateaued and only recently have made realisations about my life, mistakes i have made in believing these things and have been challenging my thoughts. I feel these thoughts are like a cocoon, that this "dark force" has built to protect me from outside experiences, mainly socialising and being myself and following my true dreams because doing those things have an element of risk, which in turn causes fear inside me. I say it is a dark force because it is not the true me, the true me sure likes spending time on my own and just enjoying the peace of not socialising BUT I am also a social person, I like people and being out and about, I am in fact a hard par-tier when drunk! It is this force inside that cripples me with strong negative thoughts and intense feelings of fear.

As I have been challenging this whole system I have set up in my subconscious, I find this "force"is fighting back and automatically challenging my challenges toward it. I get intense anxiety symptoms and have had full on panic attacks, which I haven't had in years! It has only been a week but I am determined this time to change, i have knowledge of what to do (I believe so!) but I just want to know of whether my experience is true of others and how long it lasted for providing I am persistent! Also if anyone could share of their whole experience, from the time they started to change and to the person they are now..

Raine West said...

You are very young to be on such a challenging journey, but if you stay the course, it'll be well worth the effort. When you begin to challenge your beliefs, it's a little like an earthquake inside your mind. You are shattering all those limiting beliefs that cripple you. You will reach a plateau every once in a while because it's impossible to be strong all the time. Don't see it as something you have to fight. If it feels overwhelming, surrender to it for a while. Allow yourself to have that time to feel negative. Tell yourself that you feel negative or not so strong today, but tomorrow will be better, because it will. Allow some down time. If you need to crawl into bed for a while and lay in the dark, just allow yourself to do that. When you finally feel the strength coming back (and you will), start your journey again. When the anxiety comes back, question it. Identify it and ask yourself why it happens. Panic often seems to occur for no reason, but I've found that there is always a reason. It starts from a traumatic experience you may have had or if you're living your life completely against your grain. Doing things every day that don't fit who you are. Keep asking yourself why it's happening. An answer will come when you least expect it, but once you know the answer, you pave the way to feeling better.
Everyone's journey is different, but now that you have started yours, realize that you will always be on one. Once you start challenging yourself in this way, it will never stop. You will grow as a person and get better and better, all because of your anxiety. You will eventually begin to see it as a gift because you would not have made this journey if it hadn't happened. Good luck.

TJ said...

Just wanted to share my experience too. I got arrested in 2009 for driving under the influence (3 years ago). I know what I did was wrong, and I was 22 at the time, hadn’t had my license for very long and it was in a very small, quiet town. I had never been in any form of trouble before & had always done the right thing, however, that night I messed up.

After the incident, I suffered horrific flashbacks & thousands of moments of, “if only I did this…” and “if only I hadn’t done that…”etc. What made the experience worse was a court date that I knew was coming, but I had to wait weeks which became months, which became years. I felt that I couldn’t live life normally, constantly thinking about the terrible thing I had done. I learnt through research that I could plead guilty and pay a fine, however, that would count as a conviction against my name. After a very long period of waiting, I wrote a letter to the court begging them to consider giving me community service instead of having to pay a fine – i.e get the wrap on my name

More anxious months of waiting, and they agreed – by sending me a confirmatory letter stating I’d be instructed what to do next. More months of anxious waiting & following up, I heard nothing. My lawyer & the authorities told me there’s a fair amount of admin involved, and thus it takes a while. Eventually, after being fed up with not knowing, I went and got involved myself, and organized the “missing admin”. After which, I was told too much time had passed, thus they’re retracting their agreement to the community service thing & I have to appear back in court.

Obviously I’ve omitted a lot of little details in the above story to keep it short – but basically, I’m really struggling with the sense of hopelessness & “being let down/lied to”. As I’ve said before, I know what I did was against the law, and for that I must go through the justice system – however, the psychological rollercoaster of feeling so down for so long, then receiving a sense of up again, and then having to go down the same path again and ultimately the outcome will be what I have been scared of for years. What causes the worst of the pain & despair is the feeling of “I’m telling the truth but no one wants to listen” and “People having the wrong idea of who I am” thus making me feel sorry for myself & helpless. I have trouble sleeping at night & have the most heaviest of nightmares and the more I try to “think positive”, I can’t * What’s transpired is a sense of “I don’t want to do anything anymore” and my whole zest for life is just diminished due to being let down.

Would be nice to know if anyone else has messed up, gone through a bad experience and kinda “pulled themself up” – I know I want to, I really do, but I just can’t find the “drive”…and now I’m finding it especially hard because of being told “I’m dishonest” etc. All the confusion adds to it all too *

Thanks for reading, if you did read this and it helps – or you understand!

Get Over Anxiety And Stop Panic Attacks