Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Get Over Anxiety And Stop Panic Attacks!

Are you have the signs and symptoms of anxiety such as anxious, nervous, stressed or depressed ,whenever you make a new friends, go with some works that totally new, asking for help from others in public.Would you ever mess everything up because you get anxious? that was me for a very long time.

Panic Attacks Closing Words
There are lots of people have the same trouble in our daily life including me suffering from anxiety disorders. As the picture "Panic Attacks Closing Words" show the circle "anxiety-panic-depression-more anxiety-more panic-more depression-anxiety" and go on, so what is the end of anxiety?

If you are worrying about anxiety, maybe you will ask like that"what causes anxiety?" in your mind, and then ask for some help from the internet by making a searching with phrase "How to get over anxiety","How to Stop Panic Attacks" in google or yahoo.I really did like this everyday when I was suffering from anxiety disorders,until I decided to look at the anxiety rationally.

This blog will go on with the most popular topics on " Stop Panic Attacks"," Overcoming Anxiety"," Get over anxiety", I will share my experience dealing with anxiety, helpful tips, advice and suggestion from doctors and friends  also suffered from anxiety and panic attacks.

 Any comments are welcome,just Sharing your own Story and Tips on "How to Get Over anxiety",Hope this blog is the The final destination to" Stop Panic Attacks and Overcoming Anxiety " and really make some help for you to get over anxiety and stop panic attacks naturally.


Jacky said...

Hello. I've got a problem that I've been coping with the anxiety issuesfor any very long time. I'm always so anxious! yes ,for me,I recieve nervous after i make new friends, and begin something totally new. Heck, I even get anxious when I must wait one minute in line. Can someone produce advice regarding how to overcome worrying? thanks for sharing more about How to Get Over Anxiety Thanks!

Steve E. said...

hi,here is my problem,I have girl friend and she has been dealing with depression and anxiety disorders for a very long time. She's seeing a therapist and she really wants to get better but from the outside, it's very disheartening that I feel helpless. I want to see her happy but I don't feel like that is in my power at all any more. I'm, generally, a very happy person and am not bothered by much and I've tried to be as supportive and upbeat as possible during this very hard time for us but during the last couple of weeks, I've started to feel like there's just nothing I can do anymore. She's been on and off medications for a little bit and she sees a new psychiatrist in a couple weeks to get a new evaluation but is there anything I can recommend to her? Anything I can do to help her stay positive? I try my best but I'm out of ideas. Thanks for any ideas you can provide.

Jacky said...

She's very lucky to have someone who cares deeply about her; that already helps more than you know. I've been dealing with the same kinds of problems your gf has and my fiance has been a lifesaver.

I think that the thing I was most thankful for in hindsight was the fact that he always made time for me if I told him I needed it and never appeared irritated. After a while he could kind of tell when I was anxious and would try to get my mind off of it. I still feel bad sometimes because I don't want to bother him with my crap but his paitence helps alleviate that a bit.

One of the best things I think though is that he'll sometimes just tell me to sit down and relax then go and turn the water on and make me a bubble bath (which I would never do for myself). It sounds so cheesy but it helps get me in a mood where I can at least be reasonable about the emotions that i'm feeling and try to work through them rather than becoming overwhelmed.

I guess overall, I would recommend to be cognizant of the little things that she likes and use those to try to break down that wall of insane emotion that happens when she gets anxious. If you can help quell the larger things, the smaller ones become a lot easier to deal with.

She might want to try something like yoga if she is more low-key or maybe a kickboxing class/martial arts if shes a little more high-strung. Try looking at classes at your local parks and recreation department or community college. You might find something you guys can do together.

But hang in there and don't give up, I know its a really really hard thing to go through from either side but it'll get better. You're a great guy for sticking by her.

Paul said...

I think that a really good method to dealing and coping with anxiety is using Music Therapy. It is a drug free method and it can be used anywhere and anytime. A great course that helps to explain how to use music therapy is Soothing Stress Relief Sounds Course

Anonymous said...

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Hypnotizr.com said...

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Jay said...

hello. i seem 2 be having theese really bad panic attacts a night and i will be laying in bed this feeling of sickness will just come over me and i will be really worried about somthing i wouldnt even know and its really starting to effect my daily life one minute i will be happy and joyful and next i will be horrified and depressed and i really dont know whats going on im very young at age and i worry about outraugous stuff everyday please help... please. thank you.x

JanessaD said...

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Get Over Anxiety And Stop Panic Attacks